The Founder

Dr. Shica's Bakery
From the time Dr. Shica got her first Easy-Bake Oven, she knew that she loved to bake. Growing up in South Carolina, she baked with her grandma and learned that the best desserts come from using the best ingredients. When Dr. Shica founded her bakery, she committed to using only high-quality, premium ingredients to create her gourmet signature desserts.
From a small town in the South to Southern California, Dr. Shica now delivers her Southern-style treats to Hollywood executives and actors. Garnering praise from renowned chefs, producers, and on-air personalities, her rich and fudgy "Almost Famous Brownies" have created quite a stir - several producers even have a standing weekly order.
Dr. Shica knew she needed to expand her baked goods to meet the growing demand for vegan treats. She developed a line of mouth-watering, plant-based desserts that satisfy those sweet cravings and allow her customers to maintain their vegan lifestyles.
During these challenging times, Dr. Shica has made it her mission to deliver comfort in a bakery box directly to your home. Known for her optimism and warm personality, Dr. Shica’s home-baked flavor will brighten any day.

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